Personnel Management

People – Your most valuable asset

Personal Information


Next of kin

Employment sector

Period of employment

Training and Competence

Training certificates

Training renewal dates

Level of competency

Storage of scanned certificate


Passport scans

Work visa info

Medical clearance certificates

Drivers license

Keep personnel up to date.

Details of personnel are automatically brought into certain documents.

e.g., when you enter a name, it will automatically add position, phone, email if available.

Note: Privacy laws will restrict the storage of certain data.

Levels of password access can restrict who can see what personal information.

Warnings and safety violations

Store copies of written safety violations, reports and copies of remedial action and re-training.


Store copies of all evaluations performed on a worker.
The Training and Evaluation section of the system has an audit checklist which is also available on a mobile device.


Personal Details

Record personal details
Photos, passports, ID
Driver’s license plus expiry
Work permits
Certificates with expiry

Training details zardocs

Training Detail

Record details of training course
Save a scan of the certificate
Add competency evaluation

Training and competency with Zardocs

Training and Competency Register

View all personnel.
Sort by name, skill, team
Show competency achieved or not
Sort by project

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