The best way to reduce workplace accidents

Training and Competency Register


Training certificates

Expiry dates

level of competency

Training matrix

Safety training matrix

Job skills training matrix

Training procedures

Safety training program

Training Course Library

Store your training courses + video

Job skills training

Safety Training

Training certificate creator

Keep training up to date.

You may need to prove that training in your company is structured and ongoing.

Build your own training courses, specific to what you do.

Training can be done in-house, but it must be structured with a spercific agenda.

Produce a training certificate for the course attendee once done. 

Training couses

Sample couses provided. Edit and add your own. 
Safety training and job skills training. 


Evaluate worker performance with the training evaluation module – available for mobile device.


Training Register

Certificate storage

Notification of expiry dates

All information automatically drawn from personnel section

Training schedule

Training Detail

Record details of training course

Save a scan of the certificate

Add competency evaluation

Training and competency with Zardocs

Training Matrix

Safety training matrix

Job skills training matrix

Edit to suit your work programme


Know What You’re Looking For? Most Requested Topics.

Risk Assessment

Did you know you can build a risk assessment in 5 minutes?

Training Management

Training – the key to imporved health and safety

Checklists and Inspections

Dont get caught out by faulty equipment

Policy and Procedure

Are your sub-contractors safety compliant?

Training does not need to cost an arm and a leg!

Versatile worker training

Can be performed by any suitbly competent and experienced person.

Some training courses must be performed by a registered authority.