Policy and Procedure

Tell your workers how it MUST be done


50+ to choose from – Edit / update

Add as many as required

Set review dates and sign


Documented procedures

Safe Work Procedures

Safe Operating Procedures

Emergency Procedures

General emergency

Project specific emergency

Wide range of procedures…

Policy and Procedures are Important

Detailed instructions created by management and employees for use within the company create SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS on how tasks are performed. 

This includes management of internal systems, sub-contractors, office workers, site workers, maintenance, schedules, incidents, etc. 

Policy Documents

The system comes with 50+ samples for you to use, edit, add or replace with your own.


Aprtart from a range of written procedures, there is a dedicated SOP and SWP section.



Show leadership and responsibility with a range of policies instruction the workforce on how different components of the business will operate.

Create policies unique to your business operation and communicate to the workforce.

Set review dates – you will be reminded.


SOP – Safe Operating Procedures

How to use a piece of equipment safely.

Create individual SOPs for each tool or machine.

Use for training, evaluation and create a corresponding checklsit.


SWP – Safe Work Procedure

Document the steps needed to prepare for a task, perform the task, complete the task.

List tools, equipment, PPE required.

Perform SWP evaluations to see workers are performing the task according to the SWP. Easily update and document if neeeded.

Know What You’re Looking For?

Most Requested Topics.

Risk Assessment

Did you know you can build a risk assessment in 5 minutes?

Training Management

Training – the key to imporved health and safety

Checklists and Inspections

Dont get caught out by faulty equipment

Policy and Procedure

Are your sub-contractors safety compliant?

Provide detailed instructions on how things are done

Useful for worker training and evaluation

Always best when done in collaboration with company employees