All modules are included unless stated**

Company Documents

Signed policies

Insurance certificates

Expiry date reminder


Roles and Responsibilities

Standard list available

Add custom appointments

Easy edit of responsibilities

Basic organogram

Add competency document 

Workers and Representation

Pre-employement screening

Good health questionnaire

Exit screening

Health and Safety Representative.

Health and safety meetings

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • HS Rep Report

Visitors list

Safety warning letters

Disciplinary action program

Policy and Procedure

Health and safety Policy plus

50+ Other policiy samples

Add as many as you need

Duplicate and edit to suit client

Review date notification.

Version edit.


45 Part safety plan

CSSP – Contractor Site Safety Program

or SSSP – Site Specific Safety Plan

Review plans

Health and safety objectives

Traffic management plan

Waste management plan

Evaluation and Audit

Audit master documents

Project specific audit documents

Internal systems audit procedure

Safety and worker evaluation

SWP Review

Trends **


Lead indicators

Lagging indicators


Behavioural observations

Site briefings

Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substances register

MSDS Sheet storage library

Managing hazardous substances


Hazard Management

Hazard management process

Types of risks

Hazard identification methods

Hazard identification

Fall protection plan

Hazard Management contd.

Site inspection photos

Site inspection and risk identification

Risk assessment list 100+

Task analysis / JSA

Hazard Management contd.

Work method statement

Hazard management procedure

Types of control methods

Permit to work – PTW

Hot works permit

Hazard Management contd.

Safety signs

Pre-purchase agreement

Heat stress evaluation

Noise reports

Safety recommendations tracking


Training and competency register

Worker handbook

Training procedure

Job skills training matrix

Safety education training matrix

Safety training program

Training contd.

Safety training table

Safety training course list

Management and supervisor training

Job skills training program

Job skills course list


Training contd.

Site briefing and toolbox minutes  (mobile)

Refresher training procedure

Toolbox training topics

STI – Safe Task Instruction


Training contd.

Training attendance

External training 

Internal training

Training certificate creator


SOP – Safe Operating Procedure

Store by category

Includes images

Storage of signed documents

Review dates

SWP – Safe Work Procedure

Store by category

Includes images

Storage of signed documents

Review dates



Induction, training and supervision

Construction site induction

Office induction

Workplace induction checklist



Emergency contact numbers

General emergency plan and procedures

Activity specific emergency plan and procedure

Emergency response plan

Evacuation floor plan storage

Evacuation drill report

Emergency evacuation template

Emergency plan guidelines



Contractor Management

Contractor list and detail

Contractor appointment procedure

Contractor management procedure

Contractor minimum HS requirement



Contractor Management contd.

Contractor pre-qualification procedure

Contractor pre-qualification checklist

Contractor induction

Contractor site safety observation

Contractor safety KPI report

Contractor safety systems audit

Post contract evaluation form

Contractor pre-start meetings


** Trends section is only available on PRO option with direct access, and not on PRO web browser access.

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