Don’t get caught with faulty equipment

Tool and Asset Registers

List all tools and equipment

Create checklists for each

Monitor spend on mmaintenance

Vehicle Registers

Vehicle licencing details

Expiry reminder for reg, WOF, road tax

Vehicle specific checklists

General registers

First aid


Fire equipment, etc.

Keep everything moving.

Plant and machinery downtime is heavy on the profits.

Faulty equipment is a major cause of injury.

Keep on top of maintenance with our easy checklsits and registers.

Tool and Asset registers

Store all asset information in one place with product details and user information. Minimise asset loss with regular checks.

Vehicle registers

Vehicle detail and photo record.
Keep on top of licensing requirements.

Asset check

Asset Registers

Record personal details
Photos, passports, ID
Driver’s license plus expiry
Work permits
Certificates with expiry

vehicle register

Vehicle Register

Record details of training course
Save a scan of the certificate
Add competency evaluation

Training and competency with Zardocs

Vehicle Checklist

View all personnel.
Sort by name, skill, team
Show competency achieved or not
Sort by project

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Risk Assessment

Did you know you can build a risk assessment in 5 minutes?

Training Management

Training – the key to imporved health and safety

Checklists and Inspections

Dont get caught out by faulty equipment

Policy and Procedure

Are your sub-contractors safety compliant?

Don’t get caught out by a broken tool or vehicle!

Easy tool and equipment management

Can be performed by any responsible person within the business