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Essential Basic Components of Health and Safety

Manage all your documents in one place


Personnel details
Training records
PPE sizes
PPE Issued

Incidents and Events

Incident reports

Incident investigations

Incident register

Internal training talks

A range is quick training topics to use on a weekly basis on how to undertake activities safely

PPE Register


Personnel Management

Personnel are critical to the continued operation of your business.

Your workers must also be competent to undertake the tasks they perform.

You can easily access all personnel details in one place, including an individual’s training documentation.

Training Register

Store training records – internal and external training – in one place.

Add dates when the training was undertaken and when it is due for review or retraining. An expired certificate has no value, and could result in a worker being denied access to a project.

Scan documents in, so they can be easily found and included in submissions when required.

Toolbox Talks Internal Training

We include a collection of 50+ sample training documents. You can also edit these and add your own.

These are simple training documents, generally a page long, which should not take up more than 10 minutes to present and discuss. The knowledge gained could prevent an accident and injury.

We encourage you to deal with one relevant topic per week, and refresh thereafter.

Encourage worker participation, with discussion and feedback. Get workers to offer suggestions on how they can work better and safer, and how the document content  can be improved.

Get all workers to sign acknowledgment of presentation. This could be useful in the event of an accident investigation.

PPE Register

PPE Can be costly.  Accurately record what was supplied to whom and when.

Also, record PPE Sizes for future reference.

You can also make notes of proposed replacement dates.

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